The Dewi Sri company, FA Udiyana, is a professional producer of local Balinese rice wines and rice spirits.  Founded in 1968, the Dewi Sri company produces the traditional Arak and Brem Bali wines, made from fermented rice.  Found at religious ceremonies and on local tables, the rice wines and spirits of Dewi Sri are a symbol of quality and skilled winemaking in the traditional way.  Ideal for mixing cocktails and famous for being the base of the Arak Attack cocktail, these wines are the true taste of traditional Bali.

In 1968, I.B. Gotama a native of Sanur and descendant of a prominent family, decided to embark on the professional making of the traditional drinks Brem and Arak.  Too many home distilleries producing dangerous products put lives at risk and I.B. Gotama sets up the first professional and legal distillery in Bali.  For over 40 years now, the Dewi Sri company makes fermented rice wines and spirits in its factory located in the heart of Sanur, where the family still lives.

The name of the company is in honour of the goddess of rice, fertility, successful harvest, and family prosperity and harmony, celebrated in Bali Hinduism as the amalgamation of Lakshmi, Devi and Shri.

Mr. I.B. Gotama’s sons have since taken over the traditional wine factory and have also the Hatten Wines winery, which today is served all around Bali and Indonesia.